TAE operates with the underlying premise that accomplishing our professional objectives depends on the success of our clients.  

We recognize that projects must not only be structurally sound but also financially feasible.

 Our engineering and design services are structured selectively based on understanding the individual needs of each clients’ particular project.

Helping clients achieve their goals depends on our ability to work collaboratively with other disciplines.

TAE is able to bring a diverse and multi-faceted structural engineering background to help clients evaluate a broad spectrum of design options.


TAE utilizes a Total Quality Management system to maintain design accuracy and document quality.  Our design quality is measured  in terms of  technical precision as well as client satisfaction.     

A thoroughly integrated engineering solution is an essential element of achieving  quality during construction of the project.

Consistent design quality is maintained by continuous focus on the details of the design solution.

TAE standardized design process is continually updated to incorporate the most recent changes in building codes and specifications.



TAE utilizes the most recent advances in BIM technology to provide efficient and cost effective design solutions