Structural Engineering Capabilities

 TAE’s  engineering staff offers an extensive experience base coupled with an innovative design methodology. This diverse background  yields a broad spectrum of design projects to draw upon including:

  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
  • Chemical plants
  • Multi-story commercial office buildings
  • Gymnasiums
  • Continuing Education facilities
  • Warehouses
  • R&D laboratory facilities
  • Corporate Headquarter Buildings
  • Post-Tensioned Buildings
  • Parking Decks
  • Heavy Industrial facilities
  • Communication Towers
  • Electrical Substations








Building Design and Analysis

  • Field visit if necessary to determine existing conditions of structure
  • 3D Building Information Modeling
  • Member analysis or whole building analysis using latest building codes
  • Design Specialties
    • Commercial and Industrial Steel Framing
    • Foundations
    • Pile, Drilled Pier and other Specialty Foundations
    • Concrete Masonry Block Walls
    • Pre and Post-Tensioned Elevated Slabs
    • Masonry and Concrete Retaining Walls 
    • Light Gauge Steel Framing
    • Tilt-Panel Walls
    • Mining Structures
    • Shop Drawings and Shop Drawing Review











Tower Mapping and Analysis

  • Climb tower in order to measure structure properties (Mapping)
  • Measure antenna mounts
  • Analyze tower
  • Generate report on tower analysis including photos and field notes.
  • Analyze antenna mounts
  • Generate report on mount analysis including photos and field notes.
  • 2D CAD drafting and/or 3D Building Information Modeling